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We like to think that our members at Snake River Sporting Club are those who prefer to forge their own path—in life, in the woods, and into the exceptional lifestyle we offer right here in the Old West. Different tiers of membership suit all levels: occasional visitors, second homeowners, locals looking for a home-away- from-home, and more. Joining the Club means all of this is at your fingertips: the private fishing access, ever-bedeviling Tom Weiskopf golf course, and the feeling of discovery that pervades from the moment you cross over our red trestle bridge and encounter what lies beyond.

Regular Membership

A Regular Membership has an initiation fee and an annual dues obligation for all prospective members 50 years old or older.

Full privileges in all Club amenities.

Junior Regular Membership

A Junior Regular Member may join at a reduced initiation fee and with a reduced annual dues obligation until age 49. On their 50th birthday, they will convert to a Regular Member (no additional initiation fee required, but dues will increase to the Regular Member level).

Full privileges in all Club amenities.

Jackson Hole Multi-Club Regular Membership

A Multi-Club Regular Member
must belong to one of the six golf clubs in the Jackson Hole area. This membership has a reduced initiation fee and annual dues obligations so long as the membership at the other club is maintained. If the member departs the other club, they must pay difference between their initiation fee and the current Regular Member initiation fee. Proof of other club membership must be provided every January.

Full privileges in all Club amenities.

Corporate Membership

A Corporate Membership has a single initiation fee with an annual dues obligation for each named member. Three individuals may be named on a Corporate Membership at a time and the designated members may be changed once per year in January. The corporation must be a legal entity with 25 or more employees.

Full privileges in all Club amenities.

National Membership

A National Membership is restricted to an individual who does not own property or who does not rent property for > 2 weeks annually within 200 miles of the Club.

Limited to 15 days of golf play between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Limited to 3 guests per day of golf play between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Sporting Membership (Non-Golf)

Full privileges in all club amenities, except golf.

Legacy & Emeritus Benefits

An existing member may sponsor their adult child or grandchild who is 21 years of age or older in the Regular, Junior, National or Sporting Membership categories at a 50% discount to the initiation fee. Any non-corporate member in good standing over the age of 79 will have dues at 50% the annual rate for their category.

Caldera House Benefits

An existing SRSC member may apply for membership at the Caldera House in Teton Village at a reduced initiation fee.