Who We Are

Snake River Sporting Club is a transporting, transcendent threshold into an oasis bordered only by river and wilderness. Perspective and pace feel different here: more essential and elemental. Stress becomes less acute, what matters comes into focus. This collaboration of man and nature invites exploration. Personal engagement translates into adventure. Curated activities and excursions accumulate into a close kinship with place. This rare serenity inspires presence. Attunement to nature and a sense of real peace. Welcome.

The Last of the West

The history of this section of the Snake River is in many ways the history of the West. First traversed by Native American tribes who hunted its plentiful wildlife during the summer months, the area eventually drew mountain men to trap along its shores. By 1900, the first bachelor homesteader had laid claim to the land on which the Club now sits—his original cabin still stands near hole 3. A working ranch for decades after that, members are now discovering this slice of the Old West—its riding trails, gentle pastures, granite mountains, and the river that started it all.

Vision for the Future

Snake River Sporting Club is meant for the enjoyment of the members, their families and guests. The Club environment is intended to be relaxed and “western” in design and hospitality. Our main goal is to provide an authentic Jackson Hole experience within a private club setting. With just under 800 acres on property, including a fully functioning ranch, the Club offers it’s members and guests amenities that can not be found anywhere else in the country. We intend to pursue this standard for the very best on behalf of our members and residents well into the future.


Jackson Hole

Sometimes, a place can humble you. Jackson Hole is one of them. It’s the eerie sound of an elk bugle cutting through the fog of an autumn morning; the precipitous granite spires so rugged, it’s hard to imagine that one day you’ll be up among them—though you will. It’s the proximity to everything: the greatest intact ecosystem of the Lower 48; the steepest drop of any ski area in the United States; a town where ranchers ride drive their cattle along the highway yet open a bottle of fine wine come evening. Humble. Proud. Awed. That’s Jackson Hole.

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Downtown Jackson Hole

A curving highway brings you to historic downtown Jackson, a mere 25 miles north of the Snake River Sporting Club. A town Forbes calls out as “one of the most culturally rich mountain towns anywhere,” Jackson is a town where sophistication bumps up against ranching tradition; conservation meets recreation; the hale and hearty meet and mingle with the artist and the entrepreneur. All are welcome here.




Only Hours Away

The Jackson Hole Airport is the only airport in America to lie within the borders of a national park. With daily flights connecting the town to major travel hubs throughout the United States—as well as two FBO’s for private aircraft—it only takes a handful of hours to touch down against the backdrop of the mountains and enter another world entirely.

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